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Employment opportunities are advertised on the Ministry of Finance webpage.

José Fatima Abílio is the current Acting Commissioner of the Customs Authority. In April 2020, the new Organic Structure of the Customs Authority (Decree Law 2/2020) came into effect. A key change to the administrative structure is that we are now led by a Commissioner, appointed by the Government. Previously, this position was Director General.

H.E. Sara Lobo Brites has been the Vice Minister of Finance since 2017. Previously, H.E. Vice Minister Brites was one of the two Vice-Governors of the Central Bank of Timor-Leste for five years.

H.E. Rui Augusto Gomes has been the Minister of Finance since November 2020, under the VIII Constitutional Government of Timor-Leste led by Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak. Previously, H.E. Minister Gomes served in the same office in the earlier VII Constitutional Government, as economic adviser and Chief of Staff to the President of Timor-Leste, and as a university lecturer.

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