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Fight Against Crime.


Call 12200

All calls are free and anonymous

As well as helping to protect our communities from illegal of restricted goods, we collect revenue on behalf of the government that helps pay for critical services, such as health care, education and infrastructure. Despite many importers and exporters trying to follow the rules and regulations, and paying their fair share of what is owed, a number of criminals still operate in Timor-Leste or overseas that try and steal millions of dollars from us every year. We need your help to fight back against these criminals!

“Following our fight for independence we have emerged as a young nation full of hope, ideas, culture, and we have a very bright future ahead of us. But despite all of our hard work and sacrifices, to build better lives for ourselves and for our families, criminals continue to steal millions of dollars from us every year. This is money that could be used to fund further education, better healthcare, safer roads and new infrastructure. Now is our time. The time for us to work together. The time for us to fight back”

— Dr. Ramos-Horta

How can I report information?

You can report information to us by calling “12200”. All calls are free and you can chose to remain anonymous. You can leave message in Tetun, English or Portuguese. Alternatively, you can send us the information by competing an online report form.

What type of information should I include?

It’s important that you include as much information as possible, even if you think it may not be relevant. In some cases, this activity may already have happened, but you should still report it. Do not worry if you do not have all of the answers, please just provide whatever information you may have. Wherever possible, please try and include:

Who is involved?

Please provide their name(s) or details of any company or business involved. The more details you provide, the more chances we have of identifying those involved.

What is happening?

For example: smuggling; undervaluation of goods; false documents; corruption; etc.

When will it happen?

Please provide dates and times where possible.

Where is it going to happen?

Please provide address or a description of the location.

Why do you think it is suspicious?

Please provide any ideas you may have as to why this activity may be illegal.

I’m not sure if it’s illegal?

Sometimes we see or hear things that we know are not correct, but we cannot be sure something illegal is happening. In those cases, please report it to us anyway by calling 12200 or by using the online report form

I’m not sure if it relates to Customs or not?

As a government agency, we can share information with partner agencies, including Polícia Nacional de Timor-Leste (PNTL), Polísia Sientífika ba Investigasaun Kriminál (PSIK), and Comissão Anticorrupção (Anti-Corruption Commission), so if you are unsure, please still call us.

If You Are Not Sure — Call Us!

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