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José António Fatíma Abílio

Commissioner of the Customs Authority

José António Fatíma Abílio

Sr. Abilio was born in Fatuberliu, Manufahi. He earned his degree in Political and Social Sciences at the University Gadja Mada, Yogyakrata, Indonesia. He also completed a degree in Public Administration at the Public Administration Academy of Malang, Indonesia, in 1989. Sr Abilio has over 35 years of professional experience in the public sector, having started as a junior officer in the district of Manufahi in 1984.

In 2002, he became Vice Director of Planning and Coordinator of Assistance under the First Constitutional Government. In 2007, he was appointed Chief of Staff of the Office of the Minister of Finance, and in 2009, he become Director of Aid Effectiveness.  In 2016, Sr. Abilio became the Director General for the Customs Authority.

In October 2021, through Ministerial Dispatch No.: 26/VIII/GM-MF/2021-09, Sr. Abilio was officially appointed as the Commissioner for the Customs Authority.

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