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To enter Timor-Leste as a tourist or for business, you must obtain an appropriate visa. In most cases, you can obtain a visa upon arrival. There are different methods for obtaining the visa depending upon whether you are seeking to enter at a land border, or by air or sea at Dili. Travelers must complete an arrivals card (available at the border post), and must also demonstrate: intention of a genuine visit (as tourist or business trip); sufficient funds to support themselves for period of proposed stay without breaching visa conditions; and accommodation arrangements.

Dili (the capital) is the official entry/exit port for all yachts visiting Timor-Leste. Yachts visiting Timor-Leste must notify Customs 24 hours prior to arrival in Dili by voice message or SMS to either of the following phone numbers: +670 7546 2519 and/or +670 7836 1463. Extreme care should be exercised as you approach and traverse Timor especially close to Dili as it is a busy working port; a number of large cargo vessels are anchored outside, on approach to the harbor. Prior to entering, contact Dili Harbour Master (VHF CH 16) to advise of your arrival, but don’t worry if you do not receive a reply.

Dili Harbor is surrounded by fringing drying reefs, and must be entered between the designated Port and Starboard channel markers. The following flags should be hoisted: Code flag Q; Yacht National Flag; Timor-Leste courtesy flag (if available). Once appropriate approvals are received, you may then proceed to the yacht anchorage on the port side of the main wharf. The yacht anchorage is located at approximately S8° 33.10’ and E125° 34.5’.

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